The Accessible and Non-Accessible Forms of Entertainment in 2020

While almost half of the world runs a temperature with the virulent pandemic’s effect, people in the less affected countries are having a fairly better time. But the economy can run in complete efficiency only when the whole planet works together to keep the trade going. However, not much of that is possible today since the strings that play a crucial part has been detached for obvious reasons. The existing population needs a path to escape the stresses piling up in this difficult time. Entertainment is now being offered only on the small screens, allowing the people not to visit their favorite place for a night of fun. At the start of this decade, some entertainment forms stay forbidden while a few others save the day. Let us look at the accessible and non-accessible forms of entertainment in 2020.


1. Movies

Gorging onto a tub of popcorn and sipping onto a drink while watching your favorite star setting the screen ablaze is an experience most people miss today. Although movies are not being released worldwide, the US and a few theatres in Europe opened with the screening of Christopher Nolan’s TENET. Movies used to be the most common and easiest form of entertainment, which is now at stake with the restrictive measures brought to the shooting of movies. The magic of this form of entertainment is that it finds a balance to provide the audience with pure art. With more than 70% of the theatres in the world closed even today, people around the world can watch new releases on Netflix and other OTT platforms. Accessibility is, therefore, dual for movies with the incorporation of convenience into the experience of watching them.

2. TV Shows

The next most popular form of entertainment is TV shows. People love to watch the stories with characters in a different backdrop, and when it goes on for longer than just a few hours, the fun is prolonged. Having the opportunity to delve into details with multiple episodes lifts the experience to a different level. TV shows have been the source of entertainment for most people during this pandemic, and it is accessible on all your devices.

3. Video Games

Despite the occurrences in 2020, the millennials have managed to stay sane and joyous with the activities such as video games. The wide range of games available online is being explored both on smartphones and the larger screens. The next most accessible form of entertainment is video games.

4. Open Mic Nights

With the clubs closed for more than 3-4 months now, open mic nights would be the last thing to be hosted anywhere. Since social distancing is important, no one would take the risk of visiting such a place. It is surely a great form of entertainment, but no open mic events are possible with the current restrictions.

Open Mic Nights

5. Sporting Events

Although many sports leagues have started in various parts of the world, the galleries remain empty because people aren’t allowed in. It would be a lot of fun to watch your favorite team on the ground, but you can only access it on your devices now.