Follow These Tips To Sneak In Drinks In A Concert To Avoid Spending Extra On Them

Whether you have a can of beer or a limited number of tequila shots, alcohol will undoubtedly enhance your overall concert experience. However, it is not always a good idea to sit with your friends before a concert and have drinks, and purchasing drinks from the event may cost you some extra money. And, the worst part is you will not be allowed to bring your own alcohol to the concert.

What can you do in this situation? Sneak it in there! This may land you in hot water, but if done correctly, you will undoubtedly save money while also enjoying the concert to the utmost. Here are some pointers on how to go about it.

Body lotion or sunscreen bottles

These can be one of the more convenient ways to bring alcohol with you. And the best part? No one will accuse you of bringing in a bottle of body lotion or sunscreen. This is because concerts are typically conducted from morning to night, and the scorching heat may damage your skin. You can easily make this excuse and bring your preferred alcoholic drink. Just make sure you fully clean the bottles to avoid getting sick.

The wine rack

This is especially helpful for the girls as this wine rack is a sports bra where you can store your alcohol. However, because the bra will be in contact with your skin, the drink will not remain cool for long, so choose a drink that can be taken at room temperature. You’re probably wondering how this bra works. The bra contains a concealed polyurethane bladder that can hold 25 ounces of liquid. It contains a drinking tube via which you can sip your drink while dancing and listening to music without anyone noticing.

Vodka gummy bears

Vodka gummy bears

Gummy bear candies are quite popular among both kids and adults. And if you still have a few days before the event, why not make alcoholic gummy bears? Simply place a bag of gummy bears and a bottle of vodka in a container in the fridge for at least three days. The gummy bears will absorb the vodka inside themselves but keep stirring the candies, or you’ll end up with a blob of gummy bears.

Oranges filled with booze

If you bring fruits to a concert, it is unlikely that anyone will question you for bringing a bag full of oranges. But you’ll know exactly what it is! Simply inject the booze of your choice inside the orange using a syringe to make your oranges stuffed with booze. There’s no chance you’ll get caught unless someone eats it.

Tampon flasks

This may be something that most women might use, but men can use it too. Tampon flasks can carry a shot of alcohol to keep you buzzed throughout the concert. Security will not ask girls for carrying a tampon. And if you’re a boy, you can just play it off by showing how terrific a partner you are by carrying a tampon. Just be cautious not to get into any problems.